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Four Coaches Receive Coveted Coerver Youth Diploma

Rampage has once again gone above and beyond as four coaches are awarded the Coerver Youth Diploma.

The purpose of the Youth Diploma is to help you, whether you are a professional academy coach, senior or junior youth coach, or teacher or parent to plan & deliver more effective youth coaching sessions.

In this Course you’ll learn:

  • How the 6 Part Pyramid of Player Development©encompasses the entire Coerver Curriculum.
  • The Pyramid of Moves breaks down the most complicated actions into simple, teachable steps and families.
  • The Coerver Pathway to Soccer Excellence takes players cross the Coerver Skills Bridge and develops game effective skills by means of graduated pressure training.
  • The Coerver Code develops the Coerver® 5 S signature qualities of Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit, and Smarts which are the Coerver mission.
  • The Coerver® Session Planner© eliminates the frustrations of last minute searching for activities and structure and provides a Template to make your weekly, monthly or even season long session planning a breeze.
  • The Course features many proven, high-quality drills & games from Coerver®Coaching™s 31 yr old history with tips to “make harder” or “easier: for age appropriate practices
  • Coaches can watch drills, skills, and games being demonstrated by youth players or join in and learn by doing.

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