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Rampage 99 Black – Region IV Champions

Congratulations to our boys Rampage 99 Black team as they dominated Region IV to take home the trophy and title of Champions!  The boys crushed a difficult Group C in pool play taking all 9 points available.  Two clean sheets and a 6-0 thumping of the Bozeman Blitz highlighted Rampage’s group play.Presidents Cup

A huge shout out to the collective Rampage defense!!  In the knockout rounds, they put all opponents on blast and shut out EVERYBODY!  No goals allowed in the last 3 games against some tough opponents including Cal-South representative West Covina FC – Elite in the title game.  Couple that defensive might with Madison Clark and Tyler Malan’s 3 goal tourney tally and, well, game over!  We win!

Join us in recognizing this great achievement and congratulating these boys! The entire club is behind you as you compete at US Youth Soccer Nationals in July!  

Preliminary Games

Date Time Field Home Score Away Status
Tue Jun 14 10:00 AM Stenger 12 Visalia Galaxy Red (CA-N) 0–3 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) Final
Wed Jun 15 3:30 PM LL-1 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) 2–1 Las Vegas Mobsters (NV) Final
Thu Jun 16 10:00 AM Stenger 12 Bozeman Blitzz FC (MT) 0–6 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) Final


Date Time Field Home Score Away Status
Fri Jun 17 8:00 AM Stenger 7 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) 2–0 CV San Jose Earthquakes 98 White (CA-N) Final


Date Time Field Home Score Away Status
Sat Jun 18 10:30 AM Stenger 8 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) 1–0 Fire FC Blue 99 (UT) Final


Date Time Field Home Score Away Status
Sun Jun 19 8:20 AM Stenger 7 West Covina FC-Elite (CA-S) 0–2 Rampage 99 Black SC/TL (UT) Final


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