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Preliminary Coaching Assignments for 2016-2017

Travis Lofts, Rampage Director of Coaching, is glad to announce the preliminary coaching assignments for 2016-2017 season.  All assignments are subject to change based on number of teams created at tryouts.  Here they are:

*Subject to Change*

Birth Year UYSA Age Girls Team Boys Team
11’s  6U TBD TBD
10’s  7U TBD TBD
09’s  8U TBD Randy Linke
08’s  9U Randy Linke Sean Hill, Chad Dunway
07’s  10U John Stimpson John Stimpson, TBD
06’s  11U TBD Dave Bishoff, TBA
05’s  12U Taz Cherry, TBD Lyman Houston, Brian Carlson, Scott Havey, Mark Crew, Randy Linke, TBA
04’s  13U Spencer Corgiat, Theron Marrison Shawn Iverson, Bryan Arrington, Lance Ritter, Chad Dunway
03’s  14U Nate Meyerhoffer, Autumn Rupe Matt Stansfield, Sean Hill, Charles Barowski, TBD
02’s  15U Randy Linke, Matt Erickson, Autumn Rupe Dave Bishoff, TBD
01’s  16U Lyman Houston, Keith Toyn, DeeDee Kimber Kelly Corgiat, Brent Hinsley, Justin Allred
00’s  17U Lyman Houston, Spencer Corgiat Rhett Bonham, Justin Allred
99’s  18U TBD Lance Ritter
98’s  19U Spencer Corgiat/Tyler Davies Travis Loftus/Spencer Corgiat

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